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Mamas Heros (American)

mamas heros truck

Food Truck: Mamas Heros

Sighting: 47th and Park

Country: USA

Next, we go to the USA where a truck called Mamas Heroes. If there were an award for most enthusiastic guys running a truck, this would take it. I went a little later for lunch, at around 2:00 PM and the crowds had dissipated from all the trucks. But these guys were out working the streets, asking every passer-by if they wanted to come buy a sandwich. I figured, what the hey?

As enthusiastic as these guys were they were also just a tad disorganized, and I wasn’t sure if the Oakland A’s hats were part of a uniform or just random stuff they threw on. It took a while to pay and get change.

I asked them what their specialty was and he instantly replied that it was The Heart of New York. According to their menu that’s a homemade chicken cutlet served on baked Italian bread with brown gravy, fried onion rings and crispy turkey bacon. I ordered it, although I realized that the guy forget to ask me about cheese or about my choice of additional sauce, both things which were on the menu.

Looking inside the truck as they were making my sandwich it didn’t seem like they were the model of efficiency. Still, I got my sandwich in six minutes, which wasn’t too bad.

mamas heros sandwich


When I got the sandwich back to the office it was a little bit of a soggy mess, probably because of that gravy. Not sure how much of it was that way when I left the truck and how much happened during the walk back to my office.

heart of new york sandwich

Still, the most important thing is the taste, and I thought the taste was pretty good.  I did enjoy the crunch of the chicken cutlet, but the onion rings and turkey bacon looked like a bit of goop.

While I wouldn’t say it’s top on the list of must-try trucks, but if you’re in the mood for a sandwich, it’s worth a shot.

3.5 of 5 stars.

Price I paid: $12 (for the 12 inch)

Line: Short

Tricks for fast ordering: If you’re creating your own sandwich, you’re going to want to write it all out based on the menu below. Otherwise, you just need to decide if you want chicken, steak, pastrami, tuna, and turkey/beef.

What to order if you’re a newbie: Heart of New York, but eat it right away.

The menu:

mamas heros menu

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