Luckyim Thai (Thai)


Food Truck: Luckyim Thai

Sighting: 47th and Park

Country: Thailand

Our next food truck takes us to southeast Asia. On 47th and Park I came across Luckyim Thai.

I actually wasn’t thinking of going to this truck at first; I was really eyeing the truck next to it (which shall remain nameless). But as I approached that one I heard the two guys in the truck in a loud shouting match. Not great for business. So I did a 180 and landed right in front of this truck, where they served me courteously and with a smile. While I liked even more is that it seemed like a family-run operation.

Their menu is surprisingly extensive for a small truck, but I knew immediately what I would order, the pad thai. For the last 30 years, anytime I would visit a Thai restaurant this would be the one thing I order to use as my benchmark in comparing them with each other.

Here’s what I ended up getting:

pad thai from nyc

The shrimp was excellent with a snap, something I’d expect to find in a restaurant and not a food truck. The noodles were also cooked to perfection—not too dry, not too sticky, and not watery. The sauce was quite a bit sweeter than I’d like. I heard in retrospect that you can request them to make it spicy; I wish they’d written a reminder on their sign, as the default is decidedly not spicy at all (let’s face it, as cosmopolitan as Manhattanites claim to be, a lot of them are still wimps when it comes to a little heat).

The portions are pretty generous, filling a sturdy white plastic container and complete with carrots, egg, crushed peanuts on top, and a lime wedge. While I enjoyed it overall, it struck me that it didn’t contain bean sprouts or scallions. Not that I minded too much, but a purist might have had more issues with that.

Ordering is pretty simple, not the ridiculously convoluted process that other trucks seem to have. While I enjoyed it, I’d say it’s more of a nice-to-visit than a must-visit.

4 of 5 stars.

Price I paid: $9

Line: short

Tricks for fast ordering: before you go, Google those things on the menu that you forgot the meaning of, things like pad se-ew and drunkman noodles.

What to order if you’re a newbie: The pad thai and if you’re feeling extravagant, the Thai iced tea.

The menu:

luckyim thai trick

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