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the pie truck

Food Truck:DUB Pies (a.k.a. The Pie Truck)

Sighting: 47th and Park

Country: New Zealand and Australia

When I went to London earlier this year, I went on a quest for the perfect meat or shepherd’s pie, but for some reason it eluded me, ironically as far as fast food went, all I could find were Prets and Burger Kings. I ended up picking up some cold pies from the basement of Harrod’s and heating them up using any heat source I could find–mainly steaming them in a sealed plastic bag under boiling water from the coffee maker. but I did consider using the iron at some point. Not quite the culinary experience I imagined.

And so that day didn’t come to today. On 47th and Park I found a truck called The Pie Truck. And there they were right in front of my eye–freshly baked large savory pies for your lunch entree and sweet pies for dessert. After researching a little I found that these pies are technically in the style of style of Australia and New Zealand, which of course was heavily influenced by the British.

When I say they’re freshly baked I’m not kidding–there’s an oven in the back where you can see them cooking.

pie oven in a truck

I asked what the most popular pie was and he said the Beef and White Cheddar Pie. I decided to order the combo, which contains one savory pie and one sweet pie for $10. The Shepherd’s Pie was calling my name, but I told it, next time, I promise.

There was a summer squall approaching as I ordered and I was three streets and a long avenue away from the office so I was nervous. But literally within seconds of my ordering, he presented me with an insulated paper bag with my two pies. If you’re one of those who looks for the food trucks with the long lines to gauge how good they are, this one bucks that trend.

The rains came down so I ducked into a Starbucks and waited it out.In the office, I opened the pies. There were no utensils and no containers, just the pies wrapped in tissue paper and a couple napkins. But this kind of works because these are a size where you can kind of eat them with your hands. I say kind of because for a few bites you’re definitely in danger of getting goo all over your face (where the napkins come in handy).

As for me, I decided to be civilized and to use a knife and fork at my desk. The pies were still warm.

the pies have it

I thoroughly enjoyed the meat and cheese pie. It had a diameter of about 5 inches (think a CD). The contents weren’t overly seasoned, and the chunks of beef were substantial and chewy. The crust was the star of the show. Flaky where it needed to be, crunchy where it needed to be, and gloriously buttery.

beef and cheese pie

I had a similar experience with the cherry rhubarb pie. Its diameter was about 3 inches (think a mini CD). The flaky crust had bonus bits of carmelized sugar which added an incredible chewiness.

can they bake a cherry pie billy boy?

As far as portion size goes, it’s a little lighter than most food truck fare (and a fraction of an Uncle Gussy platter) but I have to say it was thoroughly satisfying. In addition to their food truck, they have a storefront in Brooklyn and do mail order for bulk orders of their pies.

Oh, and if you bump into the Shepherd’s Pie anytime, tell it I’ll be back soon.

5 of 5 stars.

Price I paid: $10

Line: Instantaneous

Tricks for fast ordering: Pick your savory and your sweet in advance–you’ll want to have one of each for the full experience. They also have rolls and sides to complete your meal.

What to order if you’re a newbie: Beef and White Cheddar Savory Pie with a Cherry Rhubarb Sweet Pie Combo.

The menu:

pie truck menu

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